Buy1Nourish2 ℠

The Buy1Nourish2 ℠ giving initiative was designed to allow us to provide both the consumer and the children we nourish with standardized whole food nutritional support.

Expanding the Reach of Buy 1, Nourish 2 ℠


“We are excited to partner with Veris Sports, EvolvHealth and the Hope Movement to help fight against childhood malnutrition. For every escrow settlement payment we send, we will provide nutrition for a child for seven days with servings of Hope Puffs. We invite all of you to join us in this amazing work we are doing together.”

— Joe Manzanares



IMG_6488_hopepuffs_label_croppedHOPE Puffs is a no-sugar protein cereal infused with a proprietary Aloe vera extract, Evolv Immūn (also found in Evolv LifeBar and Evolv Daily). HOPE Puffs helps organizations serving malnourished children by providing: 1) a source of good nutrition where food itself is scarce, 2) a much-needed source of protein to support healthy growth and development, and 3) natural immune support, where dietary deficiencies frequently compromise immune health.


Veris Sports
As an Independent distributor for EvolvHealth, we work with the multiple ways Evolv has to implement its Buy1Nourish2 ℠ program. Our Mission is to support children and their struggles all over the world.

The EvolvHealth “Change Your Life, Change the World™” Mission is to eradicate childhood malnutrition by enabling millions to Reboot their health using our proprietary line of advanced nutritional products. This mission is powered by our revolutionary Social Business 3.0 model that sustainably funds our Buy 1, Nourish 2™ giving initiative while richly rewarding those who choose to champion our cause.

MannaRelief is a nonprofit organization providing proper nutrition to undernourished children around the world. To date, MannaRelief has provided just over 80 million servings of whole food nutrition to children in 89 countries.